Want to host a Game Server

Can I only host websites here or Game or any other servers too??

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No. InfinityFree is for hosting websites only.


If you want to host special software (such as game software, database software, api software and much more), use dedicated hosting websites as they are made for heavy-load tasks.

Like Greenreader9 said, InfinityFree is only for basic websites. If you attempt to put game servers on InfinityFree servers, your account will be suspended.


I would argue that it is not “basic” websites, but rather websites only. And dedicated hosting websites should still likely only host websites, but ones that are more resource-intensive like you said (like for web games).

A virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server (likely what you meant) is something that the OP should consider, given that they are both meant for a variety of tasks, from storing documents to performing algorithmic processes building websites (which would in most cases be easier to just use a web hosting service at that point, because they have all of the basic necessities pre-installed) to hosting games - what the OP wants.

But yes, basically, don’t use Infinityfree. Usually I say “use replit” or something, but they likely aren’t the best either, seeing as they have limited resources and give you limited control over the environment.

There are free virtual and dedicated servers out there, but beware of scams. The ones that are legitimate are likely to be heavily restricted, and, like Infinityfree, may not allow heavier tasks like game hosting.

I seriously gotta stop giving lectures, who the heck wants to listen to me ramble on for every topic I reply to? Oh well, at least I’m thorough lol.

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