Want a free and easy forum

If you want a free and easy forum on your own domain (forum.yoursite.gg) then read on
First: navigate to https://freeflarum.com and create your forum
Then: Go to settings
Go to InfinityFree, click on your hosting account and go to control panel
Once in control panel, go to subdomains and add a subdomain (for this example, i will be adding forum.yoursite.gg since my site is yoursite.gg)
Then, go to your Cloudflare dashboard (https://dash.cloudflare.com)
Add a CNAME record
Name = Forum (or your subdomain name)
Content = yourforum.freeflarum.cloud
Proxy status = off
Go back to your freeflarum settings, and add your domain in your custom domain box (mine would be forum.yoursite.gg)
And you have a customisable forum with free HTTPS encryption


I feel like this is not needed, and make sure to add a guide for default vPanel, not everyone uses CloudFlare.


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