W3C URI-Validation fails


When I try to validate my HTML here :

The W3C Markup Validation Service

…the W3C-service does not find my HTML-Code, but instead this :

<html><body><script type="text/javascript" src="/aes.js"></script><script>function toNumbers(d){var e=[];d.replace(/(..)/g,function(d){e.push(parseInt(d,16))});return e}function toHex(){for(var d=[],d=1==arguments.length&&arguments[0].constructor==Array?arguments[0]:arguments,e="",f=0;f<d.length;f++)e+=(16>d[f]?"0":"")+d[f].toString(16);return e.toLowerCase()}var a=toNumbers("f655ba9d09a112d4968c63579db590b4"),b=toNumbers("98344c2eee86c3994890592585b49f80"),c=toNumbers("08d78f3f3cfd3ae25942b652bc9ddd19");document.cookie="__test="+toHex(slowAES.decrypt(c,2,a,b))+"; expires=Thu, 31-Dec-37 23:55:55 GMT; path=/"; location.href="http://webbaer.rf.gd/?i=1";</script><noscript>This site requires Javascript to work, please enable Javascript in your browser or use a browser with Javascript support</noscript></body></html>

What’s going on here?

Dr. W

Because of the security system, services like the W3C Markup Validator or some other bots can’t access your website, but instead will be greeted with the page on the code you posted. That’s why you have to validate using Direct Input the HTML code of your website.


Thank you.
Lol, 15 y.o. - good work!

Dr. W

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