vpn error

Hello everyone, my name is Erdem, I live in Istanbul, Turkey. I created a site, but I can access the site when I open a VPN. I don’t understand the htaccess setting at all. Can you explain it from the beginning? I want to be able to log in without opening a VPN.

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You mentioned the .htaccess file
did you maybe block access to a specific IP through that file?

If you haven’t touched anything then simply wait for your ISP to refresh their DNS data because the VPN probably did it faster than your ISP.

Why do you have vpn error in the title - when you mentioned that it works properly via VPN?


sitemi htdocs olarak yükledim site açılmadı vpn açtığımda girebiliyorum herkesin siteye girmesi için vpn açmayla uğraşamazlar ayar yapabilir misiniz siz yazdıklarınız boş ?

I uploaded my site as htdocs, the site did not open, I can log in when I turn on a VPN, they cannot be bothered with opening a VPN so that everyone can enter the site, can you make settings, what you wrote is empty?

what is your website URL ?



The problem’s been solved thanks


Great :smiley:

I’m curious as to what was the issue


DNS :slightly_smiling_face:


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