VPN Conecction

Hello, I have a question and thank you very much in advance:

I want to connect my host (an app called mikhmon hosted here) with my private ip (since I don’t have my own public ip), so the solution I could find is to establish a PTP connection with a VPN (PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, etc)

My question is, how can I install or create the VPN connection on the host side in infinity free?

I think this is not possible


That’s not possible here, or on any other web hosting service as far as I know. If you have your own (virtual) server, you can generally setup VPN connections from there, and some more high end hosting providers let you set up site-to-site VPNs. But on a shared server, like you get with web hosting, it’s really not feasible because it would be virtually impossible to prevent other accounts on the server from connecting through your VPN.

If you want to exchange data between an application in your home network and your site here, I think your best option is to see if you can push the data out, instead of exposing it. So instead of having your website pull data from your home network, the system in your home network could push the data to a shared data store (like a database somewhere) which can be accessed by your website (without network trickery).


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