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**What I’m seeing is: 3 Visual Composer Wordpress plugin minimum system status errors: **

1)|Memory Limit:|The maximum amout of memory (RAM) that your site can use at one time|Memory limit should be 256M, currently it is 158M|

2)|Max Input Nesting Level:|Sets the max nesting depth of input variables (i.e. $_GET, $_POST.)|max_input_nesting_level should be 64, currently it is 32|

3)|Timeout:|Amount of max execution time|Max execution time should be 30S, currently it is 20S|

I’m using this software: Visual Composer plugin for Worpress

We can’t set these new PHP settings’ values on the free hosting server where your site is hosted, because it may also affect other websites hosted on the same IP.

We cannot increase the limits any higher than they already are to prevent a few power hungry websites from overloading the entire server and slowing down all the websites on it.

Will Visual Composer let you proceed with the installation despite of these recommendations? If so, you could just try that.

If that doesn’t work, or Visual Composer won’t let you proceed with the installation, that simply means that Visual Composer cannot be used on our free hosting, and you may need to switch to premium hosting if you want to use that plugin.

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