Vistapanel enquiry

Hey guys!

I am trying to learn the vistapanel and I know that it is different from the actual cpanel but just wondering if there is such a feature where it will indicate any errors made with a cross in the note editor? I know that the note editor in the actual cpanel has this feature. Also, I can’t seem to find a paste option in the menu but have to use control v to paste it in editor, is this the case?

The file manager in VistaPanel is net2ftp. It’s not part of the panel itself.

net2ftp’s code editing capabilities are… very basic. It’s a dumb text box with no advanced features whatsoever.

By comparison, MonstaFTP in the client area has a much more powerful code editor. But even MonstaFTP has no code inspection capabilities.

If you’re writing the code for your own website, I highly recommend to write the code on your own computer and upload the generated files manually. PhpStorm is really powerful and can automatically deploy to FTP, but other great (and free) options are available as well (like Visual Studio Code).

This has the added benefit of making sure that you always have a copy of your code on your own computer. You wouldn’t be the first to lose many hours of work because of a flaky FTP connection or some other issue which prevents your file from being saved properly during editing.

thanks and I am not complaining because it is great to have a free service! It is just a pity that the editor is very basic here and the error log doesn’t work as I was told but just hope that you guys will always provide a free service!

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