Video Question-ssl on infinity free

You have a combined byet and epizy nameservers!
Proof>DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool

Hi, I found two problems, Which can be resolved, firstly, have you created the cname records for them, These are like _acme-challenge.[domain], Which i cannot see from my side, next, Your nameservers do also point to byet’s, I don’t think this causes any problems, but I know the SSL tool can be very picky about this stuff.

So change your nameservers to just ns1 & and add your cname records, guides are below:

I would like to asking the admin a question is that is how can you over the server’s by posting new quest’s and topic’s ? Your talking to a Special needs user and i learn by hearing not just seeing ?

Sorry i’m just not under standing your reply’s . I need one on one help. I guess your not a fan of video post?

Which name server should i be using to get the ssl?

just help me with this and i’ll leave you alone . I feel like no one likes me and i’m being treated badly and i’m very upset :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face:

What you have there is fine, I have been confused! No, We are here to help you, don’t worry, Have you created the records for SSL, There is a detailed guide below:

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We do appreciate you being here and asking us, he was quite harsh with you doesn’t mean we all are mad on you :slight_smile:


Here are some screenshots for you to look over

Simple error! You need an underscore infront of acme-challenge! So it would be _acme-challenge rather than acme-challenge


the screen shot it was able to take it without error’s? can you show me the changes i need to make an what area to make them? I’m scracking my head :smiley: :smiley:

When you do the underscore I get a error message with Numbers .when I tried it the first time

You get this error as well

This is probably because you included a white space, which counts as an invalid letter, also, that message should be ignored, I’m not exactly sure as what the meaning.


So hold on for 24 hour’s and see what happen’s?

I am extremely sorry,I was a bit harsh.
I apologize.

By the way,can’t you ask this question in the old topic.

Again I am sorry for being Harsh @kf4bog

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If you have added an underscore then yes, we see what happens, if no, I’ll keep guiding you :slight_smile:

Please make sure to add the underscore to ALL CNAME records. The subdomain MUST be _acme-challenge. With that underscore, that dash and those words in that order.

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can you guide me thought it? it shows the underscore