Video and free hosting


I uploaded my site made with 3Dvista virtual tour to this free hosting and everything was fine.

I tried to upload some videos but I can’t because I understand that the limit is 10MB.
I tried to make them smaller than 10 MB then, it makes me load them, but I cannot view them on any browser.

how can I do?

to fix and upload larger videos do I have to buy a subscription instead of using this free version?

if so, is the ifastnet starter subscription suitable?

Thanks for your suggestions


try using ftp to upload

I’m using Transmit, a file transfer client program for macOS

Can you please elaborate on this? What do you see when you try to view them in a browser?

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when i try to view videos on iMac desktop:

  • I can never see them on Safari
  • sometimes on chrome or on firefox (in html5 video or mp4 Android …)

Sometimes rare on Chrome and firefox on iPad but usually never!

I have tried numerous conversions …!video2

If you’re just serving the video file to the browser, it’s entirely up to the browser to see which video codecs they support. No hosting plan in the world can help you if you are trying to open a video file in a browser which doesn’t support the format.

A quick Google search tells me that MP4 with H264 encoding should work basically anywhere.


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