Very slow loading times


I’ve been developing a website for a friend (domain: // main:
Until maybe a month or so ago before taking a break from developing the website used to load instantly with what was close to no waiting time.

But now it appears that no matter the page I’d go to the page only begins loading after a minute or two, which is ridiculous!
I’ve created a dummy page which is essentially an empty HTML file. It takes up to 50 seconds to access it. (

I’d like to know what causes this issue to occur or if it can be solved soon.

Thank you.

Benchmarking the connection and draw time of the website revealed the following statistics:

— On WebPageTest: WebPageTest Test - Running web page performance and optimization tests...

The website times out due to increased response times.

— On Pingdom: Website Speed Test | Pingdom Tools

The dummy page has a 12 second wait time for no reason and only after that it begins loading the actual file.

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Is this being looked into?
It’s been 2 days and the issue persists.

Please let me know if you’re going to look into the problem that’s affecting the website.

The load time is now ever longer and it returns a Cloudflare 524 error on both the domain that was bought for the website and the host domain (

I have checked your website and it seems to be working fine. I can’t reproduce the slow speeds you’re seeing, let alone tell whether they are a system issue or not.

It might have been because Cloudflare was activated. I disabled it yesterday and now the website seems to load instantly again. Maybe do a check to see if Cloudflare connects correctly to your host.

Glad the issue is resolved though.

To follow up: the problem is back.
Although I noticed something else, the main domain ( connects instantly, it has no problem loading. However the domain I bought for the website seems to have trouble connecting.

What could be causing this issue? Could it be on the registrar’s end?

As an update: the problem persists and I’m suspecting the host to be at fault.
The TTFB is very inconsistent and it feels almost entirely random how fast a browser will connect to your host.

I’ve ran multiple tests on PingDom, WebPageTest and GTmetrix and sometimes the TTFB (Wait) time is either 1-4 seconds or going up to a full minute or a timeout error. (I’ve ran these tests on the .ro TLD I bought. As a side-note: the main domain has a constant TTFB of 30ms or LESS)

The file I had the tests performed on was an empty .html accessible at – previously I said that maybe it was Cloudflare that was causing the problems, but that turned out to be false after I tuned some settings. Also in the two-days period I had tested the website without Cloudflare activated on it (earlier this week) the exact same issue arose: Wait time of up to 40-50 SECONDS.

I’m not sure how your host works and how it handles each user, but I cannot even begin to come up with a guess of why this is happening. As mentioned in the original post, the website used to load instantly without any wait time about two months ago. And we’re talking empty html files, the Wordpress I have running in a subfolder has good file load times.

Do a test yourself and you will see what I mean, monitor the Wait time before the DOM starts loading, out of 10 tests I’ve performed 60% of them had TTFB of at least 30s.

And please let me know if there’s anything you can do about it so that I know what my course of action is next. I need to get the website properly running soon and would like to know if I have to change the host.

Thank you.

It’s been 4 days… Problem persists and now the 524 timeout error is back.
Are you looking into the issue at all?
Can my host be moved onto another server or another shard of the shared hosting? It’s been almost two weeks since this issue started and it’s not gotten better for longer than a day.

I am looking into these issues. There are a large number of complaints about slow sites, which I do all take seriously.

But an issue which affects one domain, but not another domain on the same account is very strange, and doesn’t make sense.

I’m still digging through the data to find patterns on what happens and when. But the results vary so much I’m having a very hard time figuring out what’s causing this.

Considering my deadline is approaching I had to make a new account and migrate the website.

The problem is gone. This thread can be closed.

Thank you for trying and good luck figuring out what’s up with the load times.

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