Very slow initial page load

The initial page load is very slow (~ 10-15 seconds) on the following page:


There’s a fresh, clean wordpress installed. It is only the very first page load which is that slow, it looks like the server is in a hibernation state and needs to be woken up first. Is this the normal behaviour?

Thanks for some feedback.

Please check your internet connection, for me it’s loading like normal.


Working for me:


It’s definitely not my internet connection, tried on several devices from several networks. Reproduction is difficult, as the problem exists only for the very first request after several hours of idle time!

To clarify:
After one successful page load the speed is fast, the site is working fine. Then, some hours later, the first page load takes 10-15 seconds, after that, the page is fast again until a next call occurs after several hours of idle time.

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Try using this plugin for your wordpress - Lazy Load (Not an advert, just the first plugin that showed up in search)


Have you read my previous post? This is not a wordpress problem, I know this plugin, it definitely does not help, especially for a site that doesn’t even have images (yet)!

Sorry, for me it’s loading fast. Even on first loading. I can’t help you with it.

This is most likely the reason…


Thank you, this helps!

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