Very slow and it doesn't work at all

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

The free plan is very very bad, it freezes repeatedly, I cannot decompress files of more than 10 megabytes without failing at the end. And when using it with wordpress, the experience is none other than “unpleasant” since the first thing you do is download a plugin from the official repository, but there are always flaws due to the site freezing. When it is time to update a plugin that was carefully uploaded manually, the first thing that happens is that it freezes and enters maintenance mode, having to enter via ftp to re-enable the site.
This message is for you to have as feedback because the site looks good but it is for all the above mentioned that you no longer even have the intention of buying a premium hosting

I’m using this software:


Additional information:


See this post.

The file extracting issue is a known problem, but basically impossible to fix. FTP doesn’t support extracting files on the server. So when you extract a file, the file manager has to download it, extract the file itself and upload the extracted files manually. And uploading thousands of files in sequence takes a very long time, and the file manager process is typically interrupted before it can finish.

Having to extract the file on your own computer and upload the extracted files yourself is indeed unpleasant, but it’s also the only option in some cases.


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