Very serious issue: Can't access to wp-admin, error 404

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Hello everyone. When I try to access the wp-admin page I get the error 404: page not found. This problem started this morning when I was writing an article and there was a problem with the JSON and I could not save the draft, so I refreshed the page and was no longer on my website.

I tried to access with my mobile phone but there’s the same problem. I don’t know what to do.

I wish you could help me because I think I’ve lost my website in this way, because I can’t access anymore.

Restore from backup?
What did you do before this happen?


Thanks for the reply!
Yesterday I was writing a new article and today I was continuing, but a problem occurred with the JSON, so I preferred to refresh the page without saving. Then I was no longer logged into wp-admin and this problem occurred. However, if I restore, is there a way to keep the articles I created after the last backup? And for the restore, do I simply delete all the files from my file manager, insert the old files from a backup and do I have to import the database as well? This would be the first time I perform a restore.

You need to backup the relevant database tables relating to your posts, mainly these


Include database as well


Did you install WordPress via Softaculous?
If so, you may still be able to access you admin area through this


thank you, now I try to do this

Thank you very much! With this method I have now logged in. But anyway, what do you think about the login problem on the browser? Do you have any ideas about the cause of the problem? And what would you advise me to do?

I noticed that this file has a redirection loop


Thank you very much for your reply, what would you advise me to do?

One, check for any plugin that is redirecting wp-admin login.
Two, check .htaccess for any redirect issues.


Hi PizzaLover,

If you have previously been redirected, and your browser is Chromium-based, clear your cache and try again. Chrome browsers cache redirections quite aggressively.

To do so, CTRL + SHIFT + R on your next visit before your redirection, or F12 into Network tab and check “Disable Cache”.


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I tried to find the error but noticed that it is very difficult, because I deactivated some plug-ins and nothing happened, the same with the main .htaccess file. Maybe I missed some bugs. Anyway, thanks a lot for the help, the important thing is that I can still log in using Softaculous.

I checked your account and the entire wp-login.php file seems to be missing from your WordPress installation. That’s why you cannot login as normal.

To fix this, you could download a fresh copy of WordPress to your computer, find the wp-login.php file in it, and upload it to your website. Please make sure that the version of your download matches the version of WordPress you have installed.

The process is roughly similar to this (but this is to fix all the files in your site, which may not be necessary here):


thank you infinitely! I will try this and let you know if I solve the problem

Ok! I have officially solved the problem with this method, I am so happy and grateful!

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