Verifying phone number service

I am currently working on a website where I would like to verify users phone number. Can you suggest how to do it ? Especially in HTML.
And how can i use firebase for it?

They have free sms verification. Free 20 000 sms monthly.


Anyone who have an idea ??

Are you looking for some one to give a code for that?

I need “how to do it”

Oftentimes the hardest part of being a programmer is understanding someone else’s code. Even I still look at stackoverflow for an answer, and if it’s too hard I look for an easier one. I myself have put off reading someone else’s code and understanding it for far too long.

You will be much better off trying to read the articles people give you. Try to understand it, really try. If it’s too hard (legitimately after trying to read and understand it), not clear (you can’t comprehend what they are trying to teach you or how they are teaching it) or doesn’t answer what you are trying to find, then politely ask them for another one and give your reason for why you can’t use that article.

Follow this advice, and your programming experience will be better in the long run.

While it may not be the easiest solution, you will benefit from doing this and eventually things will become more simple and clear.



What lol?

All I’m saying is that you would be better off trying to figure things out for yourself. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t accept some of the articles, but part of what makes a human a human is that you can put two and two together to get an understanding of how things work.

For example, you want to verify a phone number service.

From what Yellow_Pikachu mentioned, you would have to use firebases phone number service.

Psuedo code:

function authenticate_number(number):
   if number is not in valid phone number format:
      Error "phone number must be in valid phone number format"
   Firebase_phone_number_verification_service_connect("whatever you put here")
   var isvalid = Firebase_verify_phone_number(number)
   if phone_number is valid:
      store_number_and_user_data(number , user_data)
      //Oh no, it isn't valid!
      Error "User's phone number isn't correct!"

Of course, the commands probably are different (if they aren’t then I am one lucky guesser), but you get the idea.


Step 1: Google.
Step 2: Apply results from Google.
Step 3: Profit.


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