Verify my site's domain on facebook

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Verification file not found
We couldn’t find the verification file.

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I put my meta tag facebook in the html header of my site.
I need to verify my site’s domain on facebook and it’s not working… My hosting is free. I wait.

Unlikely to work due to this


I still don’t understand… It’s just that I would like to put my website on Instagram’s sponsored list and for that, Facebook asks the system to verify the website’s domain. Can this domain be verified by facebook or not? This verification is done through a meta-tag added in the header of the page…

Like @KangJL said:

The article is interesting to read if you want to know more about why it doesn’t work. But @KangJL already gave you the short answer.


You cannot verify your website using a file, or code on your page, due to the security system that was linked.

They only way to verify it is to use CNAME/TXT verification


Thanks. But in the free hosting version I can check with this using CNAME/TXT verification?

If facebook supports CNAME or TXT Verification, you can use them.

For CNAME Verification, place the record in the “CNAME Records” function in the control panel.
For TXT Verification, place the record in the “SPF Records” function in the control panel.

ok, Facebook supports CNAME or TXT Verification. In Infinityfree, where do i find the place in the control panel to put the TXT Verification?

In the “SPF” section of the control panel


I got! Done! thansk very much!

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