Verify domain ownership with DNS record, not changing the nameservers

Hey, I really want to use your free hosting for my page but the website is online now and i don’t want to have any downtimes with changing nameservers. Can I verify domain ownership other way?

No, you must set the nameservers if you want to use this hosting. However one you have added the domain to an account, feel free to change the nameservers to whatever you wish and point the domain to the IP listed in the Client Area.

For your visitors, you could make an announcement on your website for 5 days notice (or however many days you prefer) then change the nameservers and settle everything again.


I tried it on free domain from freenom. And after the created account i can’t see the IP:
Website IP (unknown)

Can you send a picture of the Client Area please?

It will take some time for it to be available.


Welcome! The IP field can take up to 24 hours to show up, just be patient!

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Ok, thanks!