Various website IPs are down

I’m closing this topic. For every who has posted here in the last few days, please remember that:

  • Websites that do work is normal. Most websites do work most of the time.
  • The original post has a list of affected IP addresses. If your website is not on one of those IPs, you’re probably not affected by this outage.
  • The original post has a list of known symptoms. If you are having a different error than what’s described there, it’s probably not caused by this outage.
  • This issue was resolved last week Wednesday. I left the topic open for people to ask relevant questions, not as a dumping ground for people to respond with various clearly unrelated issues.

If you are still having trouble right now, please follow the regular support process. Which means:

  1. Check the knowledge base for relevant articles.
  2. Check the forum for relevant posts.
  3. If there are no relevant topics or articles, please create a new topic in the Hosting Support category and describe the issue there.

The issue was resolved. The issue occurred on the IP addresses listed in the first topic