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Username; Toutakun04
Website Url;

Well bro I was creating a new hosting account n i chooses Custom domain I filup the website url.
And changed the DNS/name servers…after that I give info and Done…but after clicking done that page got cloud flair error…it was saying wait for few few n try again…I did it but after that it showing your hosting account is creating in background but after a while I check my host account but there didn’t had any account so I tried all proceeds again but from then its giving the error…I thought maybe removing dns will work but it didn’t work still giving the error…
Please help me…

Error Message

    Validation error

The selected custom domain is already in use on InfinityFree. Please remove the custom domain from your other account at InfinityFree before you can add it to a new account.

Other Information

I tried to post media SS but I can’t due to new user regulations sorry…

This means that the domain you are trying to add is already in use on either InfinityFree, or another host. Please remove the domain from your old host and try again.

Yes I can understand that’s already in use in infinity free by any bug when webpage crash maybe…but problem is I can’t remove that cuz hosting account showing I don’t have any account for hosting

What do you mean by that? The account is still activated, so it should show on the accounts screen.

It does seem that something went wrong while your account was being added. This resulted in the account being created on the hosting platform (and your domain name being assigned to it) but the account wasn’t recorded in the client area.

I just imported it manually, so you can start using the account that you tried to create before.

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@Admin Thanks bro… Finally I can work on my website :sob:… Thanks For you kindest help…(And yes when I was about to complete the hosting account creation and I clicked the done button that time I got a cloud fliar error…)anyway I’m really grateful for your help … Thanks again have a great day…:sunglasses::heart:

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