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Chrome and Edge: Not secure

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I’m using free SSL certificates generated by the SSL certificates tool in the InfinityFree client area. I had no trouble installing the certificates but when I bring up my site in Chrome or Edge the site displays OK but the address bar shows “Not Secure”. When I click on the lock icon it says “Your connection to this site isn’t fully secure” but it also says “Certificate (valid)”. If I click on the certificate it correctly shows:
Issued to:
Issued by: Let’s Encrypt Authority X3
Valid from 9/28/2020 to 12/27/2020

If I open my site in Firefox I get more information. The site does not come up and instead I get a warning that says “Warning: Potential Security Rish Ahead”. Clicking the Advanced… button shows more detail that says:

"Someone could be trying to impersonate the site and you should not continue.

Websites prove their identity via certificates. Firefox does not trust because its certificate issuer is unknown, the certificate is self-signed, or the server is not sending the correct intermediate certificates.


I have 2 other sites that are using certificates installed the same way and they are working great. Not sure what’s going on with this one.

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Everything is OK ! ( tested in Firefox, Chrome, Edge)
it takes some time for your browser to start using the new certificate instead of the old one


Test SSL Security Test | ImmuniWeb



You can also try this as I am seeing some “mixed content”


Some visitors may rarely see this SSL error on our hosting. That’s because our hosting does not support uploading CA chains, which fixes this error for most sites.

If your browser has seen a Let’s Encrypt certificate before, they will be able to confirm the one on your site too. And fortunately, Let’s Encrypt is the most popular SSL provider in the world.

So if you open any Let’s Encrypt site (e.g. or and then open your site again, you should see a green lock.

The way to fix this would be to upload a CA chain to your website. Unfortunately, that’s not supported on free hosting.


Try using cloudflare

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