Using Wordpress to build site on Infinity Free

I am trying to use wordpress to build my site. I’ve tried publishing a test page but keeps coming back with error ‘the response is not a valid JSON response’.
I started using the builder but not sure how to start using wordpress instead. Any help gratefully received. Apologies - totally non tech and having a go

Did you read this?


thanks. I’ve done all of that BUT still having the JSON problem

can’t seem to alter the page i created on site pro using word press

WordPress and are completely different website builder systems. And migrating a website from one platform to another is very difficult in most cases. So if you are going to switch from to WordPress, please be prepared to rebuild your site from scratch.

If you are going to switch site platforms on the same account and domain, you may want to make sure the old website is fully removed before setting up a new one. Something like this:

That said, from what I could find on the web regarding that error message, as far as I can tell it’s “something” WordPress related. It would help a lot if we could check your site for problems. Could you please share the URL to your site so we can check it?


Hey, thanks for the advice, much appreciated. I actually just removed Word Press then reloaded it, removed site pro as a Web builder option, and that seems to have worked. Now I’ve got to figure how to build with word press!


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