Using the WordPress plugin Migration Guru to move a site

Website URL :

I am trying to move to InfinityFree, So moving it to a temporary then will update the domain after it is moved. have tried so many plugins and to manually move it, I am now trying the WordPress plugin Migration Guru.

I added all the FTP information, the same information I have successfully used in Filezilla but it says something went wrong to try again later.

How can I migrate a large WordPress website or get this working, especially as the error does not tell me anything is wrong?

Why not just follow the official guide from WordPress?

Or try our migration guide?

Both guides boil down to the same process: just move the files yourself over FTP and copy the database with phpMyAdmin. I recommend against using some fancy migration plugin, in my experience they never work and only lead to broken sites and wasted time. Just moving the files and database work with all sites of all sizes using any software.


I tried this last week and it did not work, will try again

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