Using Server Sent Events With Free Hosting

Hi, I'm using InfinityFree for a school project and I'm wondering if free hosting has a restriction against Server Sent Event usage?

I'm asking because I seem to be having an issue where the Server Sent Event is pending a response for a few minutes before returning an error.

I'm not having the same issue locally.

I'd really appreciate any info regarding this issue. And whether or not updating to premium would resolve it?

Thank you



Thanks for the response. I seen it already though I'm afraid. I'm not concerned about the 'best' approach. It's for a school project and doesn't need to be production ready. And will at most have maybe 5 users using the site at a time. Also the site runs fine locally. Could someone confirm whether or not Infinity free restricts against server sent event usage? And would upgrading make a difference?


In relation to the point raised:

Server side request limits preventing you from keeping connections open for a long time.

In my case it doesn't look like a connection is even able to establish. It's pending for a minute or two and then returns an error.

I don’t think anyone has ever used it before here, so I think your best bet would be to try uploading your code to the server.

If it loads, it works, if not, it does not.

Based off your response, I would say that it does not work. Unfortunately, you probably are not able to host it here.

If you are interested, you may want to contact iFastNet support to see if premium hosting supports this. If it does, you may want to upgrade.


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