Using other plugins & safe to sell on site? (woocommerce, ecwid, monetise with ads potentially)

Hi, This is not specific to my website since I haven’t tried it yet, but I was wondering if it would be safe for me to install the other plugins like woo commerce or ecwid and sell through the website I have? I used infinity free for the webhosting, but Im not really sure what the difference between the Wordpress installed with softcaulous and the Wordpress subscription you get through the Wordpress website is. Sinc this one is free, and I cannot login to my Wordpress account on the actual Wordpress website, Im assuming that the free ones we downloaded from softaculous are not linked to the actual Wordpress, which confuses me. I think SSL certificate protects a website, so I can ask my domain provider, but with the plugins like woocommerce or ecwid, is there anything else that I should do to take caution? Im not sure if its the responsibility of the payment providers like Paypal to ensure that the information given to the site through the check out process is safe, or if I should be paying on the actual Wordpress site for an account. (Im really just starting out so ideally Id like to keep this webhosting, and my site doesn’t get that many views either)

Second question- if my website does end up getting more views and exceeds te max fo the free infinity free, do I get to keep the site and just need to go to the paid version and is there an option to transfer the site to the actual Wordpress hosting? And how does the process of transferring happen? Im confused since Im using Wordpress technically but then the actual Wordpress site has a different login process.

And finally, if I do get enough views to monetize on my Wordpress blog, should I transfer my domain to the actual Wordpress site too? Or can I do that through here? Is there a difference between the app I installed with softaculous?

Thanks in advance!

Hmm interesting.

Yes, you are free to earn from infinityfree.

WordPress is always free and open source application. I don’t know which subscription you are talking about.

This confuses me too. You are saying that I can’t login that means you have a issue in your website.
Actual wordpress seems that you are talking about subdomains so YES, they are not linked with each other. You have your own software.

In this case, I would recommend you Strict SSL, and you can get free SSL from InfinityFree itself.
You are totally free to use InfinityFree if you don’t violate ToS.

You can shift to the paid version with more advanced features of iFastNet via your cpanel. Once you have paid for the service, you can contact iFastNet support and they will do the migration for you in zero downtime.

I guess I helped a lot and cleared everything.


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