Using NuxtJs (VueJs) , variable are not shown on screen only after page reload

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the static content of my website is working well , my issue is when calling a variable from php to be shown on screen , what happens that the request returns a 200 OK and in the console i can see the result so the issue does not lie in the php , the issue that the result is put inside a variable and this variable is not shown only after page reload which i found it odd !

tried another scenario where i putted a static variable , same result , the content of the variable is shown after page refresh

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for testing try the reservation page.

How can we test, if we don’t have the URL for it?

What is intended to be shown? I see that there is some variable to be displayed, but I do not know the content of the variable.

Which variable and PHP script are you referring to?

I see a table on the Reservation page which has a row.


Before page Refresh :

thanks Alot for the support

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i tries php 5.0 and then php 7.0
but same result.

also tried to escape php and put a direct value in my vue.js variable. same result , data display after page reload

on localhost and other hosting servers i do not have this issue.
but i loved this hosting site as it provides all in 1 service

I also don’t see the issue. I open your home page, click reserve in the hamburger menu and see the page with the row already in there.

I don’t know enough about Vue.js to tell why it wouldn’t work for you.

And it’s odd that it works on other places but not here. If the PHP code works, then the issue would be with the Javascript which needs to put the data on the page. But Javascript is executed in the browser, not on the server, so the hosting provider doesn’t affect how that works.

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you are right ,

did a bit of research now
a clean up on cookies and history seems working fine !

thanks for the fast reply and assist :+1:


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