Using my domain ssl for my subdomain?

I have my and a free ssl from infinityfree, is it possible to use the same ssl certificate on my subdomain?

I’ve already tried adding cname on my subdomain and it is giving me “The required CNAME record could not be found” error. I tried _acme-challenge.subdomain and _acme-challenge.www.subdomain as an example but it is not working

SSL for subdomains from Infinityfree ssl generator is not available

But you can try to use Cloudfare for all of your domain and subdomains.

i got my domain ssl from infinity free and my subdomain is also created on the cpannel using my domain name

Yes, you can get free ssl from infinityfree tool for your addon domain, but as far as I know, the infinityfree ssl certificate tool is not available for subdomains.

Try to use other ssl provider like Cloudfare so your subdomain will get free ssl, or read the above support link.


Admin said:

The control panel does not support setting up CNAME records or installing SSL certificates on subdomains added through the Subdomains menu.

Thanks for the info. My only problem is that I can’t access my subdomain wordpress admin due to no valid ssl error even if I choose http:// , is there a way to access the wp-admin without ssl?

If you already have an SSL certificate installed on your domain, your “wp-admin” dashboard and any of your subdirectories under your primary domain is covered and protected by your SSL certificate.

yes I can access my domain, but I installed another wordpress in my sub domain which I cannot access

Maybe you did install the wordpress using https?

Then reinstall WordPress without using the https:// protocol.

i did try both http and https, opening the website from http is fine but accessing wp-admin even with http is giving me ssl error

Then don’t access your site with the https:// protocol since you said it yourself that you don’t have an SSL certificate installed on your subdomain. Obviously it will produce that error since you don’t have a valid and trusted SSL certificate.


Reinstall your wordpress again with http.

ok I will try reinstalling again thanks.

Reinstall then clear your browser caches.

As what UnknownLolz said, do not visit your wp-admin with https protocol.

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it is working now thanks a lot for your help :+1:

Yes, it’s our pleasure! and you can use a solution mark, whether the answer is from UnknownLolz or from me.

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