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No error message.
No error of any kind. It just DOESN’T work.

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My root page is calling javascripts to actively perform on my page. On my home PC, it all works fine. When I upload to the server, nothing works. I see the .js file on the server in the same relative location as on my PC, but it’s NOT working.

Is there are specific method that is allowed or disallowed for calling external scripting files?

Can we see the website URL?

Also, make sure to check devtools and see if the JS loads.


Welcome to the community! Could be a htaccess issue, but not entirely sure. (or a host problem)

Redirects to here.

What are “devtools”?

All the buttons on the left are supposed to activate js functions. None work.

press f12.

Navigate to “network” and reload the page. Devtools will show you all of the files loaded since you opened the devtools drawer (it clears on reload so you will see all of the requests made after the page reload).

If your js file shows 404, then you know that the URL is wrong.

Do you have a <script> tag linking to your js file in your webpage, anyways?

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tag is at the end just above

Script tag is at the end before body close tag.
(My wickets didn’t show up the first time.)

So it loads. IDK why then. Did you check the sources tab and see what scripts are loaded into the webpage?

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You have numerous javascript errors.


You cannot use the file:/// protocol to load files, you must put your website URL.


Oh Snap! That one stupid line up top that specifically identifies the root for all the linqs. Ugh.
I can get that fixed tomorrow when I get back to the computer.

You know of anyway to make it more generic so it works the same on both home PC AND online?

More specifically, I have 1 bad HTML line in the HEAD, not javascript error per se.

The only way I see is using relative URLs instead of absolute.

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