Using Cloudflare along with InfinityFree

I really need to use cloudflare, and I also really need to use infinityfree, but I’m confused as to how to use them together. Both cloudflare and infinityfree require the nameservers, so how do I do this? I’m very inexperienced so details are appreciated.

  1. Point your domain to infinityfree nameservers to use infinityfree hosting. Wait for dns propagation
  2. Point your domain to Cloudflare nameservers. Wait for dns propagation

If you have already created an account on InfinityFree then the next steps are easy.

Go and create an account. Once you’ve done that, add your site. Cloudflare will give you two nameservers. Navigate to your domain provider and change the nameservers to the ones provided by Cloudflare. You will then have to wait for the nameservers to update, but once they do, Cloudflare will verify it and your site will be active on Cloudflare!

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1.Point your domain to Infinity free nameservers and create a account(If you already done skip this)

2.Now go to

3.Enter the details , Signup and point to the respective Nameservers provided by Cloudflare(Dns propagation can take up to 24 hrs)

4.Once everything is complete go to DNS and Create A type record and with Name as @ and points to IP shown in your client area

5.Create another A type record with Name as www points to the same IP shown in Client area

6.If you create sub-domains you should Create A type record like In name it should be like sub-domain name and in IP the same IP shown in client area.Should add another record with name like www.subdomain and point to IP

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Go to the cPanel.
Click CloudFlare.
Click enable.
Wait 24 hours for the CName records

To login too CloudFlare, use the account e-mail and VPanel password

Please note: As this creates you a CloudFlare account, and adds your site to it, you CANNOT have a CloudFlare account with your InfinityFree account e-mail address

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This will eventually break your Website.This method is also not recommended


I have just tried this, will let you know. Thanks!

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If it isn’t reccomended, and will break your site then why is it a thing?

If there was an option for staff to remove this, they would.

And why does it break the site…


It’s possible for to hide the section in the control panel to discourage people from using it. But that also means it’s impossible for people who are already using the Cloudflare integration to disable it.

I personally wouldn’t say it breaks your site. I would say it breaks everything except for your main site. It breaks email (sending and especially receiving), it breaks subdomains, it breaks custom DNS records, it breaks things which I can’t recall right now.

If you want to ever use your domain name for anything other than hosting a single website, avoid the control panel Cloudflare integration.


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