Users are having problems posting to my website

For some reason some users (not all) cannot post to my website; but I still can. Are there any connections or data being blocked to the database? Can you please unblock my domain name on the support forums. It is not malicious and I may need you to go to portions of my website. It is also legal in both of our countries.

I tried to comment on your site, i could post there. It looks it is a database errro that happens sometimes, ifastnet staff are trying to fix it.

I can see some of the comments contain adult content, it’s not allowed and consider to remove them.

last time admin told you it shouldn’t be as signature, only if there’s a problem with your site. If it is not related to it then you shouldn’t put it :slight_smile:

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I am allowing users freedom of speech as amended by law; in the United States Constitution. I am not allowing users to post nudity or graphic material and I am strictly moderating it. The only rule to my website is that you follow the law. Once I obtain more users, I am going to assign trusted moderators.

The forum automatically blocked your domain name because you were posting it so much. That’s considered suspicious in some circumstances (it could be a spam link), but I do admit it’s a bit strict in some cases.

I’ve approved all of the old posts with your domain so you shouldn’t have any trouble now.

As for the issue at hand, your website is working fine from here. Can you please clarify what happens when someone can’t post on your website. Do they see any kind of error message?


I am experiencing the same problem. It is erroring on post button click. There are no errors in my code. For some reason it is timing out? Or stopping a refresh causing a caching error?

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