User profiling system

I am willing to create a user profiling bootstrap website.

When someone visits my website a homepage will show various users with some basic set of information in 4x4 blocks along with the image they posted.

Unregistered users can view some set of information say name, expertise and rest of the information are hidden which says “register to view full details”.

User can register with some basic information. (eg. username, password, First Name, Last Name, Gender, DOB, etc.)

Then login and update more information on his profile for eg. change profile pic along with view his own profile or delete them. By default if the image is not posted a default user image will be shown.

Homepage will show 4x4 blocks of various users profile snapshots upon clicking any of them, a registered user can view their details.

I am not so good at coding, any input will be highly appreciated.


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