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Please I want to find out what could be the problem, users to my website are failing to login. When they enter their username and password correctly, they are being redirected to the login page again. Everything was just working correctly, the issue started yesterday. At first they was a 502 gateway error, after sometime the error was not there, and the users were using the website. Then, later on they start having the problem of login failure. So please help me to resolve the problem. I have tried to check the the codes responsible for login, everything is okay. I tried to login as admin to my dashboard, it was behaving the same, i was being redirected to the login page again. Please help!

My best guess is there is some session storage issues at the moment after PHP upgrade.
You can only wait. Patience…


Thank you. I will patiently wait. Because i was thinking of deleting the account and reopen a new one and upload the website again.

Also possible, provided new hosting account is not on affected server


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