Use this Site to create a simple online game

Hello, I wonder if I can use this site to keep my online game active?

I’m still developing it and basically it’s an online card game and I was looking for some unlimited bandwidth host.

because I was banned from the previous one because my page did not have an “index.php” :frowning:

Can any moderator answer this please?

my site is

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Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Of course, as long as you respect the TOS

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explaining exactly how the game will work:

will be 1v1 and each player will have 4 cards (or 5) and each card will have 3 abilities, which when they are used are sent to the server that registers the data and updates in the mysql database and returns the result etc etc. Is everything okay?

I do not want anyone banishing me for no reason and then ignore my emails just like before :frowning:
Thank you in advance, and when the game is available I will help you by posting it on the game site :slight_smile:

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Depending on how you mean to send it to the server it is possible that you will first bump into THIS if it is an external apk and the like…

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Who banished you and why? Did we do this?

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Thanks OxyDac. my plan is to make an apk, I’m sure he will succeed because the people who help me are many (about 20 thousand people) and they are all more excited than I am.

when I did the basics I put a print here so you guys have an idea of how the final project will be, and taking advantage of this post I would like to report a problem, I created a database on my site http: //caiota.rf. gd / fila.php However, I can not login using mysqli_query, it says that the user was denied but it is the user that the site gave me, so how do I log in that way? Thanks for listening.

noo! Was another site, I do not remember the name but said that I was banned because my “page” was banned for not having an index.php being that I had registered to about 15 hours :(, they are not very known because I searched in google and I did not find their site.It could be a fraud too and my files were stolen, but nothing understandable with passwords or something like that

the login system in the game starts from another site of mine (with the same theme but not made for the game) then when the user logs on the other site he will be sent to the game site and thus load the information of the player in the game. I KNOW that using GET is not safe, but I’m leaving it like this for now to make it easier for me to test the whole process and find performance errors or something

Did you check the error message against this article already?

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Yeah, and I fixed It now. Thanks so much. :smile:

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