Use Tapatalk with myBB Forum on Infinity Free


@Admin I want to implement Tapatalk into my newly created forum.
Unfortunately Tapatalk searches for the needed mobiquo file in …
Because I have to put all files into /htdocs, this won´t work.
Am I right and is there any kind of workaround?

Best regards.

Hello @OlDirty.

I have never used Tapatalk on my own website, but if I am right then there must be configuration file for Tapatalk somewhere in it’s install package. And in that configuration file there has to be a line for your website’s/forum’s directory that you can probably change simply by using an text editor.


something’s wrong with the path is not SMF does not accept tapatalk or I do not know what’s the address - the path

Forum lokal sa pc does everything slika2

otherwise everything is ok instalitano as regards tapetalk and infinity epizy free and commercial PC forum

I wonder which path to get into it to be ok as a team with a PC forum