Use Multiple Database

Hi All,

I just want ask simple Quesition,

Can I use Multiple Database, on multiple Sub Domain with Free Account.

thanks, and for avoid Anoying question like this, please give me A link that show Info about Free And not Free Feature.


I Ask Like That because I Found Error When Install Opencart Via Softaculus.


You can have more than 1 Database (up to 20 i think).

However Those errors aren’t related to the databases. Some of your files are outsite htdoces folder. They won’t work due the security limits.


Ok I Will Try your advice,

thanks for Reply.

Hi, I have Tried Create website inside htdocs like this Picture

Im Install Opencart but Show like That.

What’s wrong with that?

Any Advice?

I checked your second domain (the one you posted on the second screenshot) and it shows a Directory Listing for me. You’ll have to upload your website files to with a FTP client.

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hi Ergastolator1,

I show that Error After Freshly Installed OpenCart From Softaculus Installer.

I Also Have tried Install Freshly upload via FTP inside Htdocs, and Found the Same Error.

I search, Googling, and Found from other Forum and they Say it have some mistake with that server? this the link

(closed) Error when installing: Warning: is_file(): open_basedir restriction in effect. - OpenCart Community

so, back to the Topic, I Just Freshly install from softaculus and automaticly Error? how to Fix that?


By the way in Opencart these files must be outside htdoces to work. Which means if they be inside that folder that won’t work too. Also if they be outside thay won’t work again due the security system of this host.

It looks Opencart is not supported on this hosting.

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Hi BayoDino,

so thats Final Word, this hosting doesnt Support Opencart?

Can you please add the link so I can read the Detail for your Information.


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