Use Ip to visit website

Hi so I know this is not possible by default because you serve a lot of hosts on one ip.But how can I make it possible?How to make it happen?

What do you want exactly? Also why are you creating topic under Informal category when you’re asking for support.

Yeah sorry about that.

I don’t want to use domain I want to use ip address instead.

Why do you want to?

Like you already said yourself: it’s not possible.

If you don’t want to change your DNS settings yet, or are still waiting for them to update, you can preview your website by changing the hosts file on your computer:

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Your wish is impossible because this is free hosting and the IP server is shared between several web clients that use the IP. if you access the server ip then you get error code 403

use a vps or dedicated server hosting package if you want to get a private ip address

Please note that this is not just with free hosting. Very few web hosting providers can provide dedicated IP addresses, because in 2020 these IP addresses are scarce and unnecessary.


Totally right I couldn’t even find a paid hosting for this , I had to get a vps.

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