Use InfinityFree without the epizy nameservers?

I want to use the InfinityFree hosting, however I need to direct my nameservers to Cloudflare for the free SSL certifate.
I’m wondering if there is any way I can use DNS Records instead of Nameservers to host my website?


Note, I changed my name servers to cloudflare, and the website is still being hosted on infinityfree and is https… maybe it did something itself?

Have you checked the knowledge base?
You are free to use cloudflare for SSL. Just point your A record of main domain to the infinity IP.

Yup, it did automatically.

did it do it itself?

Yes, you can use your own nameservers, with the following caveats/warnings:

  • We do not formally support third party nameservers. We may change DNS records on our end without announcement, which can break your domain name or website.
  • If you use your own nameserves, you are responsible for setting up the DNS records correctly, If you misconfigure it and break your website, that’s up to you to fix.
  • In order for our servers to serve your website, you need to assign the domain to a hosting account. And to assign the domain to a hosting account, it MUST be pointing to our nameservers. After adding the domain to your account, you can move it to your own nameservers.

Note that you do not need Cloudflare to get SSL. We also provide free SSL certificates and a way to install them.


Everything was going well until my hosting was suspended due to abuse. I’ve done nothing wrong with my hosting, so i’ve created a ticket.

Also, For future reference (I’ve said this alot), We never AND EVER suspend someone without somewhat of a reason, so the abuse detector (Which is automatic), picked up something, like a mis labeled folder, or a script which looks like it’s harmful. Noone would know the exact details on what the detector picks up.

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It was a landing site that wasn’t allowed apparently.

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