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I kept on getting “resource warning” due to “io overuse”, never understanding why. Today my account was suspended, I still don’t know why, but I understand the free hosting will unfortunately not work for my site, I can’t risk it shutting down like this again.

I’ve registered for paid hosting on Hostinger, but I want to keep my InfinityFree domain ( Can it be done? Without using the hosting services? If so, how do I do it? I’d prefer to do it directly, a redirect will probably be slow.


About the IO limit and what it means, how to prevent it:

If you are using a sub-domain provided by infinity free, you cannot use this domain elsewhere as you cannot change nameservers or other records on this domain.

There are really two ways to bring your visitors to your new website.

  1. Redirect. If you use a HTTP 301 redirect (permanently moved) your visitor will just be immediately brought to your new website. As there would be no co tent beside your redirect on your current sub domain, there would be little (if any) delay in bringing your visitor to your new site.

  2. A “site moved” page. On the homepage of your subdomain site, have a “We have moved to a new location” message and a button to go to your new site. Also have your 404 error on this sub-domain redirect to this home page with the message.


Any way to bring my site back from suspension before the 24 hours are up? Just this time. I’ll move it to the paid hosting, but this takes some time and I really need it to be up today, I’ve just uploaded new content that needs to be available TODAY. Anything? I’m willing to pay, or whatever needed…

You cannot bring your site out of suspension before the suspension is over, otherwise it just defies the point of a suspension. We also cannot make exceptions as this would be very unfair to everyone else.

So like @Greenreader9 said, after the suspension is over, add a HTTP 301 redirect or a site moved page.


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