Use existing domain without changing DNS

I have an existing domain name and through the registrar have all my email accounts setup including redirects. I also have DNS setup for various elements.

All I want to do with InfinityFree is host a website.

To add a domain name to InfinityFree it says:

“Before you can add the domain name to your account, you need to verify it by settings the nameservers of the domain”

The problem is that until you add the domain to the Control Panel you cannot setup email accounts/redirect.

So if I follow the instructions and reconfigure my nameservers to point to InfinityFree it will essentially break all the other functions on my domain including email until I can verify the domain, add it to the Control Panel and recreate all the email accounts/redirects or change DNS MX records to point to my other mail server.

I realise its a “free” service but this is a pretty poor service forcing people to essentially break their current setup before being allowed to configure in the Control Panel.

Is there a way around this to simply add the domain host-headers to the site and then configure A record or CNAME to point to InfinityFree Servers.

I’m sorry, but this is the only way to add a domain right now. I know that this verification method has many flaws, and an alternative verification method has been on my wish list for a long time. But we don’t have that yet, I’m sorry to say.


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