URL Shortner

Hello i have buyed AdLinkfly script. now i want to install it and open my own url shortner buissness can i do it on infinity free. will i get banned?

Hello there,

Well I don’t see a problem that much but it’s not really recommended to start a shortening URL service here on InfinityFree as it has hit limits and URL shortening services are known for getting a lot of traffics, if you get a bunch of traffics then it will likely result in a suspension of your account.

But since you’re just starting up then I guess you can try starting one here and once you generated a little bit amount of money then consider buying premium hosting.

We don’t specifically ban URL shortener scripts.

However, we do frequently ban URL shorteners. That’s because we do scan websites hosted with us for malicious links. And if you open up the URL shortener to everyone, some people may use your URL shortener to share links to malicious content. If we find that your website has links like that, we’ll take it down and hold you responsible.

So before opening up the URL shortener, you have to make sure it’s protected against spammers and other abusers, or we will ban you.


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