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Hallo Guys! , when i want to get index my web page to the search console doesnt allow me it , idk if your free host cannot be indexed to the previously one talked 'bout or its an error in the hosting , ive configured lots time my robots.txt and i cannot find my URL yet , google it says that it cannot crawl my url or my url mapsite or something like that , i want to make appear my web page into the google search engine

My web url its http://clasicorelojesparahombre.rf.gd

Im using wordpress to make my web

You can install Yoast SEO to make the website go on Google. Search it from the plugins repository, install and enable it and launch the configuration script to configure it.

I did it sir

If Google doesn’t show your website, then maybe you should try asking Google why they don’t show your website.

Nobody knows exactly how Google indexes websites and decides which websites to show for which query.

Try signing up for Google Webmasters tools. As long as it doesn’t say there that your website is unreachable, then the hosting is working fine for Google.

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