URL database manipulation?

why is it that i cannot access phpmyadmin view url. i mean i know for that to happen i need the IP address for my cPanel, which seems to be dynamic. so how do i get a static IP address for my cPanel??

I’m sorry, but I don’t have the faintest clue what you are talking about. We don’t use cPanel and all our servers have static IP addresses. And I don’t see how that’s related to phpMyAdmin.

For starters, if you have a support request, please use the support forum. This is category is for general chit chat. I would move your topic since it’s your first post, but your message is so vague I’m not sure if this is a support request at all.


PHPMYADMIN is only accesible thorugh the control panel links, it is set up so you can only access one database at a time, and the IP address of PHPMYADMIN doesn’t do a thing, you need to use the generated links/url

So no, you cannot access PHPMYADMIN as you would usually.


what i mean is that, i have a couple php files im trying to host on infinityfree. these files are accesed via url’s requested from my android studio app using json. now if i want request from from the android app i need an IP Address for infinity free localhost. i dont know if you are following? otherwise its more of a question than a complaint?


Based on my experience, only “WebView” and “WebKit” will work as an app and only act as a browser because security system blocks other non-browser visitors as what @katufo posted.


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