URL connection error

In my website (discoveryplanet.space) in the starter sites on Blocksy Companion plugin… It shows this error message

" The connection to our demo.creativethemes.com server didn’t worked. This connection is required for importing the starter sites from our demo content server. All you have to do is to contact your hosting provider and ask them to white list our demo server address. "

So could you please white list their demo server address…

Likely due to this

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I just setup a little testing script on your site to check the access to their demo server:


As you can see, accessing a page on their demo server just works.

I don’t know why the plugin is saying differently, but I can say for certain that this demo server address is not blocked.

100% not true. This system only affects connections from external systems to your site hosted here. Connecting to external systems from your site here is (generally) no problem.


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