URL: Blocked Website, other warnings

Website URL ancodptest.kesug.com

Error Message BLOCKED BY

Dangerous Webpage Blocked

You attempted to access:


This is a known dangerous webpage. It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit this page.


[Norton] – ( web link was here, but I couldn’t post it by your rules.)

to learn more about phishing and internet security.

Other security software–Avast, Norton, Dell, etc.-- have similar warnings but they all are slightly different.

I have scanned the files before I uploaded them with Filezilla, and no mal-ware was found. Could it be that the IP address that was assigned to my URL had previously been assigned to a bad site? If so, could I have a new IP?

Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

Hi. Welcome to the forum. I just tested your site in my browser and it worked fine. It seems to be a problem with Norton.


Just scanned your website via virus total

I recommend you submitting a false positive report to each of these anti viruses so they will whitelist your site

Your site was mainly marked as phishing, meaning they think they you are impersonating another website


Yes.When I visit your website,I see the same warning.And redscreen.Microsoft EDGE tell me the problem is in the ‘kesug.com’,So I suggest you change a domain Or use you own domain.

This is the help that I can support.I hope your problem will be solved soon.

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Like this.

But kesug.com redirect to infinityfree.

It seems like Microsoft has banned the entire kesug.com domain. The domain itself is completely safe, and I assume you website is too. But free subdomains do get abused a lot in spite of our efforts to combat this, which sometimes results in the entire domain getting blacklisted by security companies.

If you see this on your site, the best thing you can do is to report the false positive. Because that is what it is.


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