URGENT I need to take out temporarily a site of google

Hello, it turns out that I have a website milanobeautyplace.epizy.com (A hairdresser from Argentina) and I urgently need to remove it from google since if there can be no problems with taxes and I do not want that.
Please help.

Are you using wordpress and yoast seo plugin? And if so, you can do that. Take a look at Yoast SEO plugin Dashboard, you will see a Wizard Configuration link, then click on it, from there you will see two options. First is you want to index your site and the second option is not to index your site (remove your site from google), then choose the second or that option and continue the next steps.

Or you could just deactivate your domain account (not your main account) or the domain, if you want to.


And also removing your site from Google does not take effect immediately, meaning you’ll have to wait for a few hours to a few days until Google will stop indexing your site in their results.


Setting up an IP whitelist or password protecting your entire website would block all unknown traffic to your website, including Google’s crawler and people coming through Google. If you want to hide your website from the tax collectors (for the record: we don’t condone tax fraud), then blocking all traffic like that is a very effective method.


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