Uptime in Free Plan

I just hosted a website (PHP/MySQL) on infinityfree.net The link is the following:


It worked perfectly for a while but soon I started seeing a webpage with heading Epizy.com and various links such as Free Web Hosting etc. instead of my webpage. I am pretty sure I didn’t exceed any free usage limits because it happened in just few minutes and I didn’t share the link to this website anywhere. Is this something that is expected in a free plan or is there an error that I need to fix ? Even worse - it now redirects to some spam website after staying on that Epuzy.com page for a while.

I should point out that the account status continues to show ‘ACTIVE’ for the whole time but the website is not displayed. The image of the webpage displayed is in the link


The page you took a screenshot from is a parking page which is used for subdomains which are not in use. An account (whether active or not) should never display that page.

How old is your account? If it’s less than a few days old, it’s probably just old DNS cache you’re looking at and the page will disappear soon.

I have the same problem and it’s still not working, how did you solve the problem?