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No Error Message i upload .zip or .rar 1 gb file after i upload it i check it doesnt show means it doesnt upload and when i upload same extracted files it works !

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The max allowed file size is 10MB on InfinityFree’s servers.


then why am i able to upload large files but not in .zip ; .rar

You are not.
They may be uploaded but disappear right after being uploaded.
I doubt that you have a file larger than 10 MB hosted on the server.

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I don’t see any files over 10mb. Also, please remove the .exe files from the server.

While the FOLDER may be large, the FILES are not.
“.zip” is a FILE, so it cannot be over 10mb. But if you are uploading multiple files in a FOLDER, that each FILE cannot be over 10mb, but the FOLDER does not have a size limit.


Please do remember that we provide website hosting. If you’re looking for a place to share video game files, please use a file sharing service like Dropbox, Google Drive or Mega for it. They are much better at file sharing than we are.

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