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I was trying to upload my Wordpress files via the Monsta file manager and I discovered it randomly will only upload a few of the files before stopping. Each file in my Wordpress folder is less than 10mb. Why is this?

I know you can upload via FTP however that takes forever. The only way around uploading my Wordpress website was to install the base via Softaculous and then individually copying my theme etc via ftp. This takes a lot of time. Of course I know you are going to say get paid hosting however I am building this as part of a volunteer thing I am doing for someone so that is not in my budget.

ftp shouldnt be slow, I use filezilla and my ftp uploads at around 2MBytes/sec (16Mbits/sec)

my broadband is 80Mbits/sec download and 18Mbits/sec upload so uploading at 16Mbits/sec is pretty good, I dont have any speed issues with infinityfree servers

whats is your broadband upload speed ?

if youre unsure you can check your broadband speed here https://speedtest.net


FTP by its nature is slower when uploading many small files because it has more protocol overhead. Using the web upload is faster, however I can not upload more than a few random files, instead of the entire folder. Test uploading several thousand files via ftp and then by the web upload and you will understand what I am talking about. And I can not zip it into one archive and upload it because the upload limit is 10mb.

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Here is the simple answer:

Online file managers are temperamental. It cannot be avoided. If you’re trying to upload an entire folder, use an FTP Client like Filezilla or don’t upload it at all.


OK so if your online file manager doesn’t work what is the purpose of it then. Have you got more of a technical answer as to why?

Online file managers are better for editing files, not uploading them. The majority of online file managers don’t handle large folder uploads well.


maybe you could split zip into 10MByte chunks, it might help ?
most zip utilities have an option to split a large file into parts

A web based file manager is useful to quickly see the files in your account and make changes to config files. Clicking a button and having the files in your browser is a lot easier than opening and configuring a desktop FTP client.

For all big operations, a desktop FTP client is the way to go.

The file manager itself is just an FTP client connecting to the same server. It’s also written in PHP. This has a couple of consequences:

  • It suffers from the same protocol overhead as any other FTP client.
  • Uploading a zip file with the file manager means the file manager takes the zip file, extracts it locally and uploads the extracted files one by one.
  • The file manager is written in PHP and runs all sequentially. So those thousands of files in your WordPress zip have to be uploaded one by one in sequence.
  • Limits need to be set on PHP execution to prevent a few people from DoS-ing the server by attempting an upload, seeing it’s slow and then refreshing the page. PHP is not a good language for this.

The file manager has the benefit of being in the same datacenter as the FTP server, so latency is low. But that’s where the pros end.

FileZilla maintains separate command connections and data connections and can upload multiple files at once over multiple connections. This feature makes using FileZilla far more effective at upload many files than a web based file manager.


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