Uploading using Rapid weaver

I’m struggling to upload a website i have created using rapid weaver but i’m struggling to get it uploaded. i do the test connection it all goes fine and states successful but the website never changes

Server: ftpupload.net
user name :- epiz_**********
password:- **************
path :-

I have no information to put in the path and have tries various things but nothing

Does the upload complete successfully from your website builder? Also, what is the website URL?

Yes all says successful


Thanks for the URL. I didn’t ask for it beforehand because verifying whether any changes in your website show up is hard to know without the changes. But in your case, it’s not that the website never changes, it’s that your website doesn’t show up at all (and only shows the default welcome page). That’s an important distinction.

Looking at your account, I think the Path setting in your website builder was incorrect. The path should be htdocs for your first domain (and <domain.com>/htdocs for domains added later). So that’s why your website files are not visible.

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