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I was uploading a sample laravel project using CoffeeCup FTP and somehow the .env file just vanishes everytime i refresh. is there a way for me to upload my laravel project on the infinityfree hosting?

How big is the file?


file size around 968B… i’m not really sure if this is the one causing the problem. but when i see my infinityfree file manager, the file is present there.

I have managed to upload the files, including the vendor folder which took me a while to upload. but it seems i missed something like editing a file or i don’t know.

There are a few reasons why files may be deleted on upload. They are all described here:


thank you for this information. though the files are still intact in the htdocs folder upon viewing them in the filemanager, i still am having problems in running my laravel project. i followed a thread that said just upload everything and edit some files. maybe i’m missing some steps. need guidance please. thanks much!

Please read


i am now re-uploading the files and following the one about .htaccess… i will return here to update everyone of the results

thanks again to all

i followed this one for setting up the .env file and now my sample website is working well. I just have to set the database connections for the login and register.
thank you so much for all the help!


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