Uploading MP3's to my website

epiz_26460766 - https://cymraeg-trance.info/

### Error Message

There is no error as such… but I use my site as a homepage for myself and my record label. It has a media player which allows users to listen and download music they like. I uploaded some mp3’s that were 320kbps in size via filezilla… they uploaded OK but immediately dissapeared.

I downsized the files to 128Kbps and they uploaded OK??

Any reason for this?

Hi and welcome to the forum

The reason is because it probably exceeds 10MB
since it is trance and lasts longer than ordinary songs
so when it is at 320kbps then the file size is also bigger


Hi OxyDac,

Excellent, thanks for the quick reply :smiley:


YW :slight_smile:

I use gdrive for such things (song storage) and a native browser player



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