Uploading Files

I have a question about upload size. Can I upload a zip file that has 120 MB in size. If you are wondering why, it is because I have a WordPress site on another server and I want to move it to this server using the duplicator plugin. So can I do that?

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You cannot upload a file larger than 10mb. If the zip file is 7mb and it’s contents are 12mb, it should work.

Okay thank you

Then I have a question. Can we move more than 10 MB around in the file manager. Like for example moving 100 MB from the htdocs folder to another folder.

Yes, as long as the FILE is not over 10mb

Then would it be okay if the folder was but the individual file isn’t

Also can I upload files over 10 MB on ftp instead of from filemanager.ai

No files can be over 10mb on the server! They will be automatically removed!


So what @Greenreader9 was saying was that anything above 10 MB (file or folder) will be removed if it’s above 10 MB.


The most reliable way to upload a large zip is to extract the archive on your own computer and upload the extracted folder with a desktop FTP client like FileZilla. It can take a while for the upload to complete, but it does work for sites of any size and is a lot less frustration trying to make a large archive work in the file manager.


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